Food Food Food FUN love

My friend made me lunch between classes! Love her!! Friend feed each other. That’s true love

But I’m still an animal

Today is my 22nd birthday and while I was getting dressed a question popped into my head…I asked myself if I was too old to wear my chucks. My heart sunk a bit and I started to get sad as if my last glimpse of youth had slipped away with my last night of the label “21”. I stared at my reflection and the animals on my shirt triggered a feeling that brought me solace. The spirit of animals is not bound my time or age and I too am still an animal. I realized I can be as free as my heart desires. I laced up my kicks and walked out the door. No matter what my age I’m just doing me. 22 who? I am not my age I am Tavia Rahki. I only hope to grow wise and strong and my spirit lead me to new adventures. The nature of heart is timeless.


“There’s only one thing to do Three words for you I love you”


I love simple accessories that make a statement. This necklace trio was the pop to a very simple outfit. Black leggings and an oversized dark grey washed out tee with a breast pocket. The top necklace is from Swarovski and the bottom two are cheap little forever 21 finds. Love it!

Breakfast for a Happy Tummy

I’m obsessed with kiwi but what’s really awesome is gluten free bread! I have been gluten free for almost a month now. Seeing how I feel and letting my doctor know of any positive changes. I usually have a lot of abdominal pain after eating but its been so much better basically gone all together. Celiac disease is more common than you think. It’s better to be safe than sorry! Learn about your body and treat it accordingly 🙂


Nom Nom Nom

So easy to make! And gluten free! Yum!
Everything is labeled. The yogurt is chobani black cherry. Enjoy -t.rahki


Mother Force

Let the universe cradle you in her arms. She’s waiting for us. -tavia Rahki


I can’t help but wonder.

Sometimes I feel like I’ve lived a different life. My existence feels like a parallel repetition of someone else sharing my soul; as if time itself is just my imagination. I can’t help but wonder. It irks within me, restlessly. I want meet them all. One day.
-Tavia Rahki ™