a TUTU kinda day.

a TUTU kinda day.

I’m kind of obsessed with my new hat. Davy would be proud I hope. I honestly think anyone can wear whatever makes them feel good inside. clothing speaks! sometimes it just wants to scream, and on those days…go ahead…scream your heart out ❤

wafting my art farts

wafting my art farts

started selling flower headbands on etsy…more to come along with affordable vintage apparel and knick knacks ❤
If you have any advice for me please let me know! I love feedback and pointers. muah!

The Fruits of my Labor


IMG_3324I made my first pitcher of white Sangria. I am so happy with the results! WAAAHHH!

3 bottles of barefoot bubbly moscato
stevia in the raw (or sugar)
green apple

let it sit overnight and BA-DA-BOOM!

get out ma faceeee

get out ma faceeee

just being nostalgic and looking through old photos. It’s weird that my birthday was two months ago…feels like two weeks. TIME TIME TIME. In a culture obsessed with time how do we find the discipline to appreciate what’s happening RIGHT NOW. I’m learning how…slowly but surely.

A Message to the Little Big Ones

inspired by my little sister Briana. There are so many things I try to tell her and I just hope some of it sinks in ^_^ I love you Bri