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 headshotcirclecrop I started this blog in 2013 as a way to document my thoughts and life happenings. It’s helping me learn more about myself and the how beautifully similar I am to others and yet just as unique. The purpose of this blog is to support wellness and record my journey in finding opportunities to always nourish the mind, body and spirit. I am a complex girl with one simple rule…do what makes you happy.

Since 2014, I have delved deeper in to my own pursuit for health and happiness through both academic and individual study.

In 2014 I earn my B.S. in Exercise Science, and since then I have earned two Masters degrees,one in Organizational Leadership and another in Aging & Neuroscience.

I also completed my yoga teacher training summer 2016 (one of the most transforming things I’ve ever done by far) . I am an allergy friendly health foodie (gluten intolerant, lactose intolerant, soy & legume allergies w/ sulfite sensitivity as well). I was quite sick for some years before realizing that food would become my medicine and my window into holistic approaches to living well. It’s been an interesting journey and the most important lesson I’ve learned is to appreciate every step of the way. My diet can be best described as plant based paleo. Although this blog does have a lot of vegan recipes! (That’s because I was vegan 2013 & 2014 before finding out I was allergic to soy and legumes- that means no more tofu or beans for me, not even hummus).


 In my last couple years of undergraduate school  I went from 170 to 135 lbs through applying the health science knowledge I had gained, both in and out of school, to my own personal life. I continue learning more about healthful living everyday and I want to share that passion. The intrinsic rewards of self-study, mindfulness and meditation are the gates to infinite light and possibilities for us all.

This blog is my own personal way of sharing my passion for seeking and connecting.

After returning from living in India and Africa in 2017, I have developed a holistic lifestyle service to support those who seek a purpose driven life as a part of the conscious collective. This program is called Mission Metanoia and it’s goal is to empower life by mindful design. Click the icon below to learn more.


2 thoughts on “Background Blurb

  1. chrissyjmarq22

    Hello my wonderful cousin! Your mamma shared this on Facebook and I had to come over and take a peek. This is so great and kudos to you for sharing your journey with the world. I’m looking forward to some of your recipes and let me know if you need any help with the technical /design details of your blog – your cousin is a WordPress nerd :). I started my own blog over at but only have a few posts up :). Love you!

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